We serve Commercial and Industrial as well as Residential customers. Pre-treatment is an essential part of the coating process. We have the knowledge and experience to correctly assess your equipment and prepare for a top notch finish. We offer an array of colors and textures for all your coating preferences.

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Wrinkle and Textures

Batch Applications

Stripping and media blasting

What Is Powder Coating?
Powder coating, is a solvent-free combination of organic and inorganic materials applied by spraying an air/powder mixture through a special electrically charged nozzle onto a grounded part. The part is then placed in an oven where the powder melts, flows and cures to form a durable and attractive finish.
What Metals Can Be Powder Coated?
Almost any metal can be powder coated, including steel, aluminum, iron, magnesium, copper, brass and a variety of castings.
Why Powder Coating?
Powder coating is less costly to apply than liquid coatings and achieves consistent results with fewer steps, resulting in reduced process time. Generally, powder coating provides better mechanical properties than liquid paints. With virtually zero VOCs, powder coating is an environmentally responsible option.